Nov 2, 2006

Matsuzaka Officially Posted

Now the fun begins. The bids are due on Wednesday (Nov. 8). The exciting thing about this Boston Globe article is it mentions that Daisuke 'waxed poetic' about the Yankees during a press conference this week. I hadn't heard about this, but it's great to know he wants to play for the Yanks. Be sure to read this article, which sums up my own feelings pretty well.

The 5 major players seem to be: Yanks, Mets, Sawx, Cubbies and Rangers.

Here's a game from Sept. 19 where Matsuzaka shut down Japan's best team (Softbank) with his mediocre stuff. His fastball (from the highlights shown) didn't top 92, and he didn't have great control with it or the slider (while his D misplayed a few balls). His Lions still won 4-2, with him going the full 9 innings.

(PS: hat tip to MLB Trade Rumors for linking to the Globe article.)

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