Nov 9, 2006

Arod Then & Now

It's kind of hard to tell just from these shots (the best I could find), but I saw video of Seattle Arod the other day and he looked like a stick compared to the current Arod. I could see about a 15-20 lb. difference. Is that just aging? Or did he add muscle? If so, maybe he should lose the muscle and go for a quicker swing. 2000: 121 k, 2006: 139 k. 2000 bb/k: .83, 2006 bb/k: .65.

I was just watching 'Yankees Magazine,' and I got reminded of Arod's strikeout issues. It nearly makes me sick thinking about another whole year (assuming Cash is truthful, and he's not traded) of watching him swing and miss on mediocre fastballs, then flailing at sliders in the dirt. It sure looks like a beautiful swing - too bad it doesn't connect more often. Wait. There could be 4 more years of it. He's signed through 2010... shit.

[From Oct. 24]
I'm watching World Series game 3. Runners on 1st and 2nd, a grounder to Zumaya, who throws the ball away past 3b. McCarver says, "Not a good play by Zumaya..." and this guy is commentating why?

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