Nov 15, 2006

Hot Stove I

- I am the only one that doesn't get excited about trading for Dontrelle Willis. Nevermind that we'd probably have to part with some highly touted prospects, but D-Train pitches in a very pitcher friendly ballpark in the offensively inferior National League, and relies primarily on deception to get outs. From what I've seen, he throws 2 plus pitches, a 89-92 mph fastball, and a good slider. So he's basically Randy Johnson with slower stuff, a deceptive delivery, and (also like RJ) shaky control at times. I'm not interested... He has done well though against the AL: 6-3, 76 ip, 2.25 era, 55 k, 16 bb. Very good numbers, but that's only in interleague play. If he had to pitch the whole season in the AL, I expect his numbers would decrease significantly. Deception only lasts so long.

Look at the past Marlins pitchers who have transitioned to the AL.
Pavano 2004 - 137 era+
Pavano 05-06 - 93 era+ (in just 17 gms) Huge decrease.
4.40 AL era

2005 - 119 era+
2006 - 92 era+ Huge decrease.
ER= 112
5.41 AL era

2005 - 117 era+
2006 - 118 era+ (only started 21 gms)
3.61 AL era

Burnett is the only one who actually pitched better after the transition. I'm not sure why. The intriguing thing is that each of these 3 guys went to the AL East (Yanks, Boston, Toronto). Why is that? Because the division is wealthy, or because no other GMs see their ability.

- The Yanks have (or are about to) resign Mike Mussina for a 2-year deal worth $22.5 million. This is a fair contract, and I look forward to 2 more sub 4.00 era years from Moose.

- There's 'talk' Humberto Sanchez could be traded. At least according to the NY Post. I hope this isn't the case. Cashman has been saying how important good, young pitching is, and Sanchez is ML ready right now (if injuries don't persist).

- Jints DE Justin Tuck is out for the season. It's like a damn horror show in the Meadowlands. Every week another player is dropping.

- Tiki Barber injured his thumb against Chicago on Sunday night. He's not listed on the inury report yet (because they NEED him - more so than any other player), and hopefully he plays Monday night.

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