Nov 7, 2006

Matsuzaka Projections Pt. II

Using the conversion table here, take a look at DM's 2006 stats in the AL:

186.1 ip, 200 k, 34 bb, 138 hits
NPB - 5.9 k/bb, 9.7 k/9, 1.6 bb/9, 6.7 h/9, 13 HR, 2.13 era, .92 WHIP
AL - 5.1 k/bb, 9.2 k/9, 1.8 bb/9, 7.2 h/9, 18 HR, 2.72 era, 1.00 WHIP

And that's going by the average pitcher who switches leagues. Mats is definitely above average.

Mats vs. Ichiro, 1999. Mats - as a rookie - strikes out Ichiro twice in this game.


Zachary A. said...

Matsuzaka had better come to the Yankees... I just memorized how to spell his name, so I expect to be blogging about him for quite some time in the future. :) \

He'd definitely be a HUGE pickup for the Yankees, but New York needs to be agressive and not let him get stolen by Boston or some other team interested.

Travis G. said...

About 16 hours now until bidding is done. For some reason, I have confidence the Yanks will get him. They've been scouting him for years (I believe), and even have a high school teammate of his as an Asian scout.

He's probably the best FA pitcher available (and youngest), the posting bid doesn't count against the luxury tax, and you don't have to give up any draft picks (bc he's not from another ML team), so it all makes sense. I think Cashman realizes that, and that the Yanks need good, young pitching, and he certainly brings that. Plus he's got a chance to be a true Ace.

I also hope to blog about him (as a successful Yankee) for years to come.