Nov 6, 2006

Potential Arod Trades

Some ideas on possible trades in which Arod leaves the Yanks. These aren't fantasy trades where Arod goes to KC or Tampa Bay. It has to be places that can afford Arod, and places where he may want to go (because of his blanket no-trade clause).

Yanks get:
from the White Sox,
Josh Fields (3b)
Brandon McCarthy (RHP)

from the Angels (some combo of the following),
Erick Aybar (2b)
Ervin Santana (RHP)
Brandon Wood (SS)
Howie Kendrick (2b, 1b)
Nick Adenhart (RHP)

Scott Elbert (LHP)
Andy LaRoche (3b)

Angel Guzman (RHP)
Felix Pie (OF)


Chris said...

Players that I'd like to see moved in such a deal.

Carlos Zambrano
Aramis Ramirez(3b)

Jared Weaver
Bartolo Colon
Scott Sheilds

White Sox:
Freddy Garcia

Arod + Sheff + Pavano + Karstens + Beam + cash for Ichiro and then trade one of the other outfielders for an Aaron Boone type.

Cardinals or A's:
Arod + Sheff for Rolen or Chavez

Travis G. said...

The deal with the Cubs would be nice. As for the Angels, I dont want Colon, but Weaver & Shields would be a good deal. As for Garcia, I think we could get more than just him from the CWS.