Nov 20, 2006

Millar for 1b

I was considering this for a while. He's very used to the AL East, is a natural first-baseman, and has a good bat. But I always came back to him being a member of the 2004 Red Sawx. My prejudice is rather ill-placed. Since '04, the Yanks have added several members of that team, inlcuding Mark Bellhorn, Alan Embree, and of course Johnny Damon. Not to mention how previous Sawx players have helped us, like Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens.

1. Cashman is looking for a right-handed 1b to offset all the lefty hitters, and allow Giambi to be the fulltime DH. Millar is a good righty hitter, and plays a very solid 1b. He's above average at 1b in both Fielding % and Range Factor (for his career).
2. He was paid just $2.1 million this year. I expect him to get about the same for 2007. A good cheap option.
3. He's a .287/.366/.472, and 117 ops+ career hitter. Over 162 games, he averages 74 runs, 35 doubles, 19 HR, 81 rbi, 59 bb, 92 k. He's good enough to hit 5th or 6th on some teams, but with the Yanks, he'd hit 9th. Those are tremendous numbers for a 9 hitter.
4. He hits Boston well, to a .920 ops. And he's very familiar with AL, and (specifically) AL East pitching.

I think he'd be a great choice.


Anonymous said...

I don't know. Bellhorn and Embree were only in NY for a very short time, and I never really disliked Damon (at least until he said he'd never play for the Yankees, then took the money). But . . . Kevin F'ing Millar represents everything I still hate about the 2004 Sawx. Really. I can't even stand watching him play for other teams. But he CAN hit, and I suppose I could get over it. Although I wonder what it says that the RED SOX don't want him back?

roc23 said...

Another problem is that Millar is a type-A FA. Frankly, I don't think he's worth it.

Travis G. said...

anon 5:44, I understand the hate. I still had a mild dislike for Damon 3 weeks into this season. But I got over it. I expect the same thing with Millar. As soon as he starts hitting (especially against Boston), we'll like him.

You're right roc23, he is a Type A (2nd to last of the group). But if I understand the new CBA correctly, if his team doesn't offer him arbitration by Dec. 1, the Yanks can sign him compensation free after that.

But if we have to give up our 1st rounder, then I agree that it's not worth it.