Nov 8, 2006

Toomer Done for the Year!

Where did this come from?! I was just saying that the injuries couldn't get any worse unless Tiki, Eli or Pierce went down. Well, I was wrong. It's worse. Toomer - their 2nd best WR - is done now, and the offense has taken it's first major hit. That means opponents will zero in on Plaxico and Shockey the rest of the year (I'll be amazed if they don't go down too sometime this season). It also means another WR has to step up; hopefully Tim Carter and/or Michael Jennings. Forget about Sinorice Moss - if by some miracle he plays again this year, it will be in very limited action.

With the passing game taking this hit, I expect the Gmen to rely even more on Tiki and Jacobs. I think Tiki picked the right year to retire.

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