Nov 21, 2006

Jeter was Robbed

Jerry: The whole situation is just so...

George: tragic?

Jerry: Well, it's not tragic. It's...

George: unsettling?

Jerry: all right.

I think it's about time we stop letting writers vote for the awards. They have biases, grudges, and there are some who are probably not even baseball experts. How about this voting plan? A third of the voting is determined by the players, and they can't vote for a teammate. Another third is determined by all the managers, again without voting for a member of their team. The last third should be comprised of some kind of good retired players association, e.g. (retired MVPs) Cal Ripken, Ryne Sandberg, Mike Schmidt, Yaz, Reggie, etc.

As for this year...
The only major stats that Morneau edged Jeter in were: HR, RBI, SLG, the power stats. Jeter led in everything else: R, hits, SB, BA, OBP, BB.

Morneau .976 ops
Jeter 1.063 ops

Close and Late
Morneau .883 ops
Jeter .868 ops

Morneau 140
Jeter 138

Runs Created
Morneau 120 (8.25/game)
Jeter 128 (8.38/game)

Win Probability
Morneau 4.46 (4th in AL)
Jeter 5.98 (2nd in AL)

Morneau 1.07 (10th in AL)
Jeter 2.58 (1st in AL)

Win Shares
Morneau 27 (5th in AL)
Jeter 33 (1st in AL)

Morneau 52 (13th in AL)
Jeter 80.5 (1st in AL)

As you can see, Jeets was robbed. Not that he cares that much (I think), his newest girlfriend is this woman.

Check out the others.

Update 8:45 pm - Classy guy.

Voting breakdown: by player, by voter.


roc23 said...

Interesting to see that Mauer received neither a single 1st or a 2nd place vote. Hmm.

Travis G. said...

If anyone beats Jeter, it shoulda been Mauer. Both him and Santana were more valuable to his team than Morneau. The voting is ridiculous. They gave the award to a guy who wasn't even the MVP of his team!