Nov 19, 2006

Week 11 - Giants at Jags Preview

Jax Offense
20th overall, 9th rushing, 25th passing
Giants D
10th overall, 9th rushing, 6th passing

Giants Offense
10th overall, 3rd rushing, 16th passing
Jax D
4th overall, 7th rushing, 4th passing

The Gmen are ranked 10th in both offense and defense. That's about right, they've been the 10th best team in the league. With the injuries though, they might be closer to 15th or 20th in football (right now).

What a difference coaching makes in the NFL. I've been watching the Jets the last 2 weeks, and they beat the superior Patriots, and nearly beat the superior Bears today (if not for a Pennington pick perhaps). If Mangini were coaching the Giants, I think we'd be 7-2, or even 8-1 right now. He's from the Belichick coaching circle, and he knows to use what works. If the running game is working, don't stop until the opponent shows they can stop it. The Gmen have gone away from Tiki and Big J sometimes, and usually to their detriment. We're the third best rushing team in football, it's what we do best (we even gashed Chicago for 150 yards), and we'll have to rely on it to make the playoffs. Especially now that Bob Whitfield is playing LT, who can't pass protect for his life (at this point), it's essential the Giants run the ball 30+ times in Jacksonville (Big Blue is also 10th in rushing attempts - but I want them to be in the top 5, where Mangini's Jets are).

Eli and the WR corps have got to step up tomorrow. Plax and Shockey are not the only targets. Sinorice Moss might play, but we really can't expect much from him after missing all but one game.

I think Coughlin realizes he'll have to run, and that will cut down Eli's picks. Prediction: Giants 20, Jax 17

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