Nov 12, 2006

NFC Title Game Preview in Week 10

This should be a very close one. If the Gmen were fielding a healthy team, I'd take them in a heartbeat. But with the current MASH unit, everyone will feel more pressure. It looks like Tuck and Osi are out, but Madison and Moss should play - Plax is still up in the air. The loss of Strahan and Osi could be big, but during the first 3 games, when the DEs weren't getting any pressure, it was the DTs who pressured the QB. We'll need that kind of play again to beat Chicago.

The Bears have a very easy schedule this year, while the Giants have one of the toughest in football. The Gmen have already played against some very good teams, and that should give them an edge. They've really had to scratch for some wins, while Chicago has blown out all but 3 of their opponents (Minnesota , Arizona and of course, Miami).

Giants O
8th, run 4th, pass 12th
vs. Bears D
1st, run 7th, pass 1st

Bears O
13th, run 19th, pass 9th
vs. Giants D
11th, run 8th, pass 16th

With Toomer gone, and Plax hurting, the Gints should run all day with their deadly combo of Tiki and Big J. From there, they could pass off the play-action. And with the Bears best WR out (Bernard Berrian), look for Tim Lewis to try to put pressure on Rex Grossman using LB and Safety blitzes - unless the D line can do it themselves. If the Bears get their running game going, that could be all they need to top the injury-depleted Gmen.

Prediction: Giants 13, Bears 10

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