Nov 12, 2006

Wright Gone, Britton In

I like this deal. Wright was mostly ineffective, never good for more than 6 innings, and was very injury prone. Britton comes in. A giant (6'3", 280 lbs.) righty, who throws hard, and is going to be just 24 next year. He may start the year in AAA, but he has ML experience, pitching 53.2 innings this year for Baltimore (3.35 era, 41 k, 17 bb, 1.17 whip). It adds more depth to the bullpen, which could be quite necessary with an aging Rivera, an inconsistent Farnsworth, and it also accounts for this year's potential 'flash-in-the-pans' Proctor and Bruney (although I do not think they are).

In other news, I mentioned how Humberto Sanchez (the Yanks new #2 pitching prospect) dominated his only inning of work in the Futures Game. I learned from reading this that he happened to dominate against 3 of the top 10 prospects (not just hitting prospects) in all of baseball - Stephen Drew, Howie Kendrick and Alex Gordon (2 k and a 6-3 groundout!).

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