Nov 3, 2006

Giants-Texans a 'Trap'?

This is even more of a 'trap' game than last week vs. the Bucs. Houston is worse than Tampa, and the Gmen are on a 4-game win streak (as opposed to 3 last week), and the unbeaten Bears come into town next Sunday night.

I can't believe people are actually writing off the Texans. Have they forgotten this is the NFL, where parity reigns? Where Houston can beat Jacksonville? Anything can happen. Remember last year vs. Minnesota? The Vikings scored on 3 big plays, and that was all they needed.

Big Blue is 11-7 in 'trap' games since 2000. So they can clearly lose to inferior opponents at times.
Houston Offense (22) vs. Giants D (14)

Giants Offense (4) vs. Houston D (28)

The Giants clearly have an edge on paper, but considering the injuries they have, especially to their D (Osi, Tuck, Madison, Lavar, Short), WR Andre Johnson could carve up the secondary, with help from David Carr, who leads the NFL in completion % (70.5). Fortunately, this year the Gints are very deep, and the (very suitable) replacements will be Mathias Kiwanuka, R.W. McQuarters, Gerris Wilkinson and Reggie Torbor.

Plaxico is now listed as 'questionable,' not a good sign for the offense. They'll have to rely more on Toomer, Shockey, Tiki and Tim Carter. Toomer is old, Shockey is on and off, Tiki is good for short passes, and Carter is still not reliable. Plax is the only deep threat. Sinorice Moss was supposed to bring that home-run ability to the team, but he's caught a total of one pass, and is out again with an injured quad. Fortunately, the Gints run game is exceptional, so the (possible) loss of Plax shouldn't be a big deal (at least this week).

I see this game being pretty close before the Gmen pull away late. Final score: 31-17.

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